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Releasing Dissonant Feelings by Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Our “negative” feelings can cause DNA to wind tightly onto itself in what I call a, “DNA Cramp.” In this state, the DNA’s ability to regulate cellular function or repair and replicate itself is impaired. This condition interferes with the health of the organism.

Laboratory analyses measuring the levels of SIgA (salivary immunoglobulin A), which is an easy-to-measure, immune system indicator, have proven that a ten-minute expression of anger or fear produces a six-hour decline in a test subject’s immune response. On the other hand, when a ten-minute period of compassion, love, or gratitude is felt, there is a measurable six-hour boost in the immune system.

In addition, when you choose to generate coherent feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation, or compassion, you produce healing effects not only within your own body but also throughout the DNA-filled ecosystem.

Experiencing anger or fear is a natural reaction. It is also true that these feelings create disruption. We cannot simply suppress “negative” feelings, as unexpressed feelings are like a festering wound that continues to poison the body. In addition, when feelings are suppressed, we cannot harvest the information they are trying to provide. This may be more information about our situation or clues about the old wounds that we still carry. Learning how to receive the information our emotional body gives us and then release the disruptive feelings is a critical part of becoming a healthy and powerful spirit walker. Relieving a DNA cramp is an important step in developing mastery of your feelings and a first step in creative manifestation.

Exercise: Working with Fear and Anger—Releasing a “DNA Cramp”

Read through the exercise once or twice before you begin listening to the guided mp3 audio file that is freely available at so you can gather the memories that you will need to recall during the exercise.

1. Be still and begin breathing with a focus on your heart—as though your breaths originate in the center of your chest. Breathe for at least 10-15 breaths or until you feel yourself beginning to relax.

2. While continuing to breathe, remember a time when you felt grateful. It can be a feeling memory from the recent or distant past.

3. Allow yourself to fill with the feelings of that remembered moment.

4. Once you really feel full of gratitude, allow those feelings to radiate from your body with each of your heartbeats.

Listen to this guided meditation and practice it at least twice daily, since developing emotional intelligence is necessary for becoming an effective shamanic practitioner. Practice until you can easily shift out of “negative emotions” anyplace and in any situation. I cannot stress enough how critically important this ability is to becoming a true healing force!

As you continue to practice this daily, keep a journal of what you realize about your own process. This is important, as self-knowledge is one of the keys to being a powerful shaman. Indeed, the mastery of our emotions is a crucial part of coming into harmony with the larger Harmony which we refer to as Divine and, therefore, critical for creating a new and beautiful model of life for yourself and your world.

Process Questions

  • Honestly ask yourself in what situations are you triggered into anger.

  • What are your underlying fears? When do you believe that they began?

  • Think about how having emotional “mastery” could benefit your daily life. Record all that you discover.

Excerpted from Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power © 2013 Evelyn C. Rysdyk

This exercise by Evelyn C. Rysdyk also appears in Deb Snyder's book, Ignite CALM, Bliss at Work

Learn more about Evelyn on her website:


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