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Reintroduction to Crystals & Stones by Dede Eaton

As children many of us are drawn to rocks, somehow deep inside we inherently know and sense that they are special. We don’t question this knowing, we simply collect pretty and interesting stones where ever we go; the beach, lake even the playground, it made us happy simple as that. Remember that feeling? Being curious, experiencing wonder, and living in the moment? Some will go on to study geology at least for a time and have an official Rock Collection. Most however will lose interest and at some point mom or dad will say these rocks need to go and they are thrown away or hopefully given back to nature. Maybe a few special ones were saved as a souvenir from a family outing or vacation, holding special childhood memories.

When we begin or enhance our spiritual journey, seeking tools to expand our awareness, many of us are re-introduced to crystals and stones. If a long held interest and love for stones has been lingering dormant deep inside now is the time to explore that interest again! They have been awaiting your return to the magick and mystery that is the mineral kingdom. Our rock friends are available to assist us on this journey to self-discovery. The study of minerals can be a lifelong pursuit sure to bring many hours of joy, learning and enlightenment.

All stones and crystals have their own unique properties and characteristics. Other attributes such as shape, formation, location, combining stones and more can affect, enhance and amplify the energy of each particular stone or crystal. They can be enlisted to heighten our spiritual development, heal physical ailments, bring a sense of peace and calm to our lives and lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Always use crystals and stones with the best of intentions and deep gratitude; treat them respectfully as friends and a support team. The mineral kingdom is available to assist on many levels; spiritually, emotionally and physically. The possibilities are infinite. We can employ the power and support of crystals and stones in a variety of simple ways: Keep small tumbled stones in your pocket, wear as jewelry, place in your environment, hold one or surround yourself during meditation, create sacred space, create a crystal grid. You may want to start a crystal journal to record your experiences.

Here are some basics of working with stones and crystals to get you started:

Selecting your stones:

Trust your intuition! You will “just know”. You may want to consider your purpose or need to narrow your choices. Do some research prior to shopping. Many times stones will make themselves known to us when it was not necessarily what we were looking for. They choose us!

* Close your eyes, draw in a few deep cleansing breaths and place your hand over the stones or crystals, allow yourself to feel the energy; you may feel a tingle or ping of warm or cool energy.

*Use a pendulum to help you choose. Determine ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with your pendulum, then place it over each stone while asking ‘is this the appropriate stone for me at this time?’

*Flip through or allow a stone book to fall open randomly letting you know what stone is currently calling to you to assist you at this time. (Similar to a “Bible Dip”)

*Sit in meditation, allowing a crystal or stone to make itself known to you.

*It is best to purchase from a reputable seller: someone who cares and is educated about the source, energy and quality of crystals. Be discerning, more expensive is not always better quality.

Cleansing, Clearing & Charging your stones:

Crystals and stones carry residual energy due to a variety of reasons: location, handling, people or environment. It is important to clean and clear stones in preparation to begin to work with you and your particular purpose.

*Gently physically clean your stone or crystal with a dry soft cloth or brush and/or warm water, a gentle cleanser and a soft brush; removing any dust/dirt/debris, being careful not to scratch or damage your stone or crystal.

Some stones are not water soluble, check first. Depending on where the stones were acquired, some may require a deeper cleaning using oxalic acid, further research and the guidance of a professional geologist is advised.

Methods For Clearing Stones & Crystals:

Clearing Methods include but are not limited to: Water, Earth, Smudging, Salt, Breath, Sun, Moon, Nature and Ritual. Let your process be as simple or elaborate as you wish. You may combine several methods together. Intent is key; employ the method that works best for you while indicating to your stones that they will now be cleared of any unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary energy. Trust your intuition to know when they are cleared. Always be mindful of the type of stone or crystal you are clearing: some methods will scratch or damage the surface. Check that they are water soluble. When in doubt use a non-invasive method.

*Smudging: Waft Sage, Sweetgrass, Frankincense or your favorite incense over your stones. (smudge yourself too while you’re at it!)

*Earth: Place in the ground or a container of soil, uncovered or lightly covered.

*Salt: Place your stones in a bowl of sea salt. Sea or Himalayan salt is preferred due their clear energy signature, but table salt will do in a pinch. Glass, wood or other natural material is preferred; avoid plastic or metal if possible. Use salt alone or with spring water.

*Water: Hold or place in a mesh bag, place under moving water. You can make it part of your ritual by visiting the ocean, or a lake, river or stream. If unable to travel use the kitchen or bathroom sink or try a Crystal Bath.

*Sun/Moon: Place in/on a safe and appropriate container, basket or tray and place in a safe location outdoors for an entire Sun/Moon cycle. Be cautious of fading. Placing your stones out during the full moon is also an effective and powerful method.

*Breath: Simply place your stone in your cupped hands and breathe on it. This is the Native American way.

Charging, Activating & Programming Crystals:

Charging: Place crystals in the sun to absorb ultra violet rays, bring to sacred place, and/or place in moving water.

Use techniques similar to clearing.

Activating: Spend quiet time with your crystal, meditate, roll it in your hands, connecting energetically.

Programming: Only quartz can be programmed for specific intent. It stores, amplifies and transmits energy. Quartz exhibits the properties of Piezoelectricity& Pyro electricity.

Piezoelectricity: when compressed heat & light are produced.

Pyro electricity: activates expansion when heated. (some other stones have this property as well)

To Program:

*Write a thought/intent on paper, place crystal on to absorb the thought.

*Hold the thought in your mind, breathe the thought into the crystal.

© 2021 Dede Eaton

This exercise by Dede Eaton appears in Deb Snyder's book, Ignite CALM, Bliss at Work


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