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Mind Your Own "Blissness" with the Power of Play By Tam Veilleux

Play is a state of mindfulness that often escapes us in this busy world we live in. Too often we think that working harder will bring us success faster. Chasing your tail will get you nowhere, however, it will make you dizzy! Unless you love that vertigo feeling, stop spinning your wheels, slow down and play.

The happiness and relaxation in playing allows your working mind to rest so that new ideas can enter into your consciousness. Science has proven that the more rested your brain is outwardly, the more active it is internally. Our cellular structure can expand and make room for new information when we allow it time to unwind from the burden of constantly seeking out connections. The ideas that slip into your playful mind are often ones that will lead you to above average results.

And the good news is, that playing can be anything you enjoy most. Power walks, baking the perfect loaf of bread, crossword puzzles, dancing in your office, window shopping or a friendly Facebook chat. Know what works for you and allow your mind to slip out of work mode and into play mode where you will be much more receptive to creative ideas and intuitive hits. Create a list of fun things that feel like play. Have at least fifteen of them listed then cut them into strips with one method of play per piece of paper, fold them and place them into a pretty jar or vase. The next time you find yourself in a funk, break out the “Time To Play” jar and do whatever activity you pull out. Enjoy the endorphins, dopamine and incredible ideas that arrive as you revel in the power of play.

© 2021 Tam Veilleux

This exercise by Tam Veilleux appears in Deb Snyder's book, Ignite CALM, Bliss at Work


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