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Increasing Connectedness with Your Family

It’s all about resonance…being on the same wavelength with each other.

One vital component of the work I do with families is strengthening energetic bonds between parents and their children. Life can weigh heavily with the anxieties of work, bills, health, and other day-to-day pressures. We often do not take the time to connect with our loved ones on a deep level, as it is tough enough merely providing for them. Parents frequently speak of the resentment and guilt they feel for the lack of connectedness to their children during times of stress. These techniques of sound, touch and love, can bridge the emotional and energetic gap and allow our families to be closer than ever before by increasing resonance within our families:


  • Sing together. Whether to the radio, karaoke, or at church, singing will raise your vibration and openness to each other. Campfire optional.

  • Have a family music night once a week. Each week a member of the family picks a new CD to listen to together. Talk about why you like it, what memories are stirred, and how it makes you feel. You just may learn something about one another.


  • Hold hands, cuddle or snuggle. When you touch one another, have love in your heart.

  • Be mindful of your intentions. Exude what you desire. Do not expect closeness when you are the one putting up the barriers.

  • Stop any aggressive movements and touch. Do not spank, hit, or smack. This behavior conveys harmful energy—even more than you know.


  • Our families can significantly benefit from the practice of meditation through its fundamental advantages of peace, clarity of mind, pain management, and stress reduction.

  • We can reprogram the mind with affirmations: statements of positive thoughts, which create and attract everything we desire to manifest in our lives.

  • Simply spend conscious time together. Be present with one another, moment by moment. If a whole day is too much to start with, aim for half a day or a few hours. Unplug your gadgets and enjoy!

© 2021 Debra Snyder


Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, personal development teacher, and award-winning author of books for adults and kids. She holds a doctorate in metaphysical philosophy and empowers people to live their best lives through embracing their own unique challenges, opportunities, and blessings. Deb offers her heart-centered services in workshops and private sessions worldwide to individuals, businesses, and groups of all sizes. For more information, please visit the website:


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