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Family Healing: The Heart and Energy of Touch

Touch is a crucial component to enjoying a healthy, vibrant relationship with our families, as it increases the resonance in our shared energy field. A simple hug goes a long way in conveying the heart’s emotional and energetic intentions. The powerful therapeutic possibilities of healing touch, whether it is Reiki, laying on of hands, or other methods, can be expanded in practice and further implemented in our homes. Parents and caregivers employing these ancient methods take greater direct responsibility for the health and well-being of themselves and their family. This practice not only significantly reduces the financial burdens on a family, but also infuses them with knowledge of Divine healing energy, which exists within everyone.

The Touch Research Institute based at the University of Miami School of Medicine has been conducting studies into the effects of touch on health since 1992. Although pediatric inquiries have been limited, overall analysis shows clear advantages in healing with touch therapy. Further research indicates pediatricians are integrating the use of alternative therapies, including touch, with chronically ill children. We, however, do not need research to tell us touch feels good. The healing, calming presence of our mother’s touch is one of our first experiences on Earth. When you look to the Divine light within you, ask yourself, do you prefer a warm embrace or a cold shoulder?

Through spiritual healing touch, the gracious and gentle heart of a healer can assist people in balancing their energy and thus transform their lives. This powerful healing technique is more than a mystical construct or New Age whimsy. Parents have a distinct advantage in healing through energetic touch due to the enhanced connectedness within our families. Mounting viable clinical research and ongoing practical applications demonstrate the power behind touch. Developing the parental skills essential to heightened energetic perception is attainable to those who live in truth with their hearts open to the experiences of the world. Overcoming the confines of our egos is a crucial step in intensifying our awareness to the Powers of the Universe. This is what we are exploring—living with an intuitive heart, open and expansive to the amazing possibilities that surround us.

In addition to an energy-based approach to the laying on of hands, history should also be considered. Religions and spiritual organizations throughout the world have been applying forms of Divine touch for centuries. The amazing power of the Almighty has been recognized intuitively to provide comfort and healing to the ill, including children of diverse and varied cultures. The gesture of laying on hands is used in baptism, ceremonies, and sacraments in Christianity, Judaism, and Spiritualism, among others. Regardless of the specific religion or region of the world, the intention of the power of God moving through the hands of the healer into the faithful is the same.

The U.S. government has been showing growing interest in researching the benefits of complementary alternative therapies due to patients’ dissatisfaction with conventional medicine, which no longer addressed their beliefs about health care and daily life. This added interest by the administration could pave a new way of looking at healing touch and remove the shackles of skepticism and limitation on its application. It is apparent that patients desire a higher level of care, which addresses their specific wants not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Research supports what we innately understand; our connection to those we love heals and can be strengthened further by the intimacy of touch. Think back to the miraculous, energetic feelings stirred within you when you held hands with your first love or cradled your newborn baby. Touch accurately conveys the energy and intentions of our soul. Loving touch expands us, as warmth emanates from the heart and palm centers. Touch through anger contracts, closing us off from the Divine flow and those around us. We must be aware of how we physically interact with others and take responsibility for the energy we are creating in our relationships. The passage to peace and wholeness is illuminated by the grace of a loving caress.

Parents have a unique attunement to their families due to proximity, genetic signature, and loving intent. Our healing capacity can exceed the methods of a Reiki master if we simply utilize our natural bonds to one another. The power of energetic touch is available to us, should we choose to employ it. Focusing our attention to how we touch one another, physically, emotionally, and energetically is a vital key to parenting with heart.

© 2021 Debra Snyder


Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, personal development teacher, and award-winning author of books for adults and kids. She holds a doctorate in metaphysical philosophy and empowers people to live their best lives through embracing their own unique challenges, opportunities, and blessings. Deb offers her heart-centered services in workshops and private sessions worldwide to individuals, businesses, and groups of all sizes. For more information, please visit the website:


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