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Authenticity Exercise by Lynne McGhee


by Lynne McGhee Lynne McGhee Coaching and Performing

In a world where over scheduling, overwork and overwhelm seem to be in abundance, we become more and more disconnected from ourselves and what we need to create the life we want. As a fulfillment coach, I co-collaborate with my clients to illuminate the values, ideas, beliefs and dreams they hold sacred. I help them shift the barriers of self-limiting thinking and perspectives so they are able to attain goals and greater happiness. When we don’t take time for ourselves or to fully understand who we are and what we need, our values, ethics and integrity can be compromised. Ultimately we are left feeling angry, frustrated and powerless. When we can stand firm in our resolve, with clarity, mindfulness and conscious living, we choose to step into our greatest power.

This exercise will help you access deeper learning and insights about yourself through an expressive art project. The expressive arts combine drama, music, visual arts, writing and other creative processes to enhance personal growth. Although it is creative in nature, the process is meant to be experiential, thus it is the learning we gain from the experience of delving from one modality to another.

Materials you will need:

Writing Paper A Pen

Oil Pastels (or colored pencils, crayons, or colored markers)

2 Sheets of blank heavy paper

A magazine Scissors Mod Podge Glue (or a glue stick)

Let’s get started!

1) Gather your materials so they are easily within reach. Position yourself

so that you are physically comfortable. Be sure you are in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.

2) Shut your eyes. Take in a deep breath through your nose on a five count. Hold your breath for ten seconds, and then slowly release it through your mouth for five. Repeat this five times.

3) Pick up the magazine and begin to search for words and images that answer this question “What do you value most about yourself?”

4) Cut the images out of the magazine with the scissors and place them on the blank paper using the glue to secure them. Don’t overthink it! If an image calls to you, use it.

5) When you feel finished, put down the glue. Now take at least three minutes and really observe the collage. Consider these questions as you look at it.

“What does this picture say about me?”

“Is there anything here that surprises me?”

“What do I love about this?”

“Is there something I want to add?”

“What about it makes me feel special?” “Does this represent my values?”

“What am I feeling?”

6.) Now pick up the writing paper and the pen and begin writing about the experience. Considering the questions you just looked at, what have you discovered? When you feel your writing is complete, put down the pen. Re-read what you wrote.

7.) Now pick up the other blank sheet of paper and the oil pastels. Thinking about what you wrote, draw an image that represents what you feel in this moment. Allow yourself the freedom to do this without judgment.

8.) Pick up your pen and writing paper again and write about what this experience has given you.

Take away question:

“How will this self-discovery reflect the conscious choices I make moving forward?”

© 2021 Lynne McGhee

This exercise by Lynne McGhee appears in Deb Snyder's book, Ignite CALM, Bliss at Work


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