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Allow Cliché to Save the Day

Allow Cliché to Save the Day: How axioms, idioms, and your grandparents’ wisdom can save you time, frustration, and money.

I must confess…this article comes on the heels of being bamboozled. Tricked. Lied to and manipulated by a less-than-forthright businessperson. An organization claiming to be one thing when in fact they were another. Sad to say, it happens every day, all over the world. Yet is a situation my grandparents would have not gotten themselves into, as they valued the concrete over the ideas and conjecture of another person. They wanted the proof. Members of the “greatest generation” came by their values honestly through years of struggle, hard work, poverty, and unyielding patriotism. It would have never occurred to my grandfather to risk his own security on someone else’s whim. He worked hard in his life for the little he had.

Now, I’m no fool. I didn’t throw away a pile of cash on a get rich quick scheme or shady offshore investment. I partnered with someone who claimed to be helping the world heal by organizing a holistic conference, which would travel throughout the country on a divine mission. I’m an author, speaker, and teacher. My entire purpose is to help others through education on living an authentic life…making the intangible, tangible. This conference with a charitable organization was right up my alley, an ideal platform and I was eager to participate and sponsor. Long story short: canceled dates, poor organization, and a broken contract yielding to financial losses, aggravation, and embarrassment for me. This “charity” turned out to not even have federal recognition and was more of a dream of the organizer than a reality. Yikes! Even though I had done a background and reference check, nothing had hinted to the true nature of the situation. I withdrew my participation in frustration and moved on to process the wisdom in the experience.

Now what would my grandparents have done? They are both now departed yet their integrity shows up in the actions and faces of the many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who carry on their name. The much relied upon axioms and idioms, now thought to be cliché, tripped off my grandmother’s tongue frequently and as I reflect upon this situation many come to mind. There is wisdom to be garnered from common knowledge that just may not be so common anymore. With the barrage of media, politics, and social networking antics, we can become numb to simple teachings once rooted in the world’s deepest philosophies. Here are a few classic clichés which can help us all with life’s adventures in the here and now:

Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trust your own perceptions! Somewhere inside me is a deep sense of trust for others, which is fine. However, I took words and actions of others as absolute truth and naively didn’t think someone would intentionally mislead me. As a loving person, I always gave people the benefit of the doubt, especially those in a spiritual role. Now, still loving, I trust my own perceptions and intuition first and allow the trust of others to evolve over time. If you question what you are seeing, check it out! And no, mutual Facebook friends are not references. Trust me.

What goes around comes around. It’s Karma, baby! Don't worry about those who do you wrong. Karma will take care of balancing it all out. Just accept the fact your ego won't have front row seats and move on. Believe me, my ego is nuts over this situation, yet I need not hold myself hostage by living in the past and wishing revenge, that isn’t the energy anyone wishes to live in. Release it up to the Universe and move on.

Live and learn. I hear my grandmother’s voice whispering this into my ear right now. It’s true, our adventures, risks, successes, and losses educate us and create who we are. What we do with that experience is what truly matters. I am choosing to own my mistakes, honor my original great intention, and share with others, so that we may all grow in the authenticity of it. Would I rather have not been burned? Sure, yet the wisdom is truly valuable and will serve me for years to come.

When you have lemons, make lemonade. Ugh, I don’t like lemonade! I’m more the type to cut lemons and find some nice tequila and sea salt. I still get the point, however. Make use of what you have been given. Allow it to serve you and others. So get on Pinterest and find yummy lemon recipes and turn your sour moments into something sensational. Several of my colleagues and I are choosing to still travel to the city of a canceled event to make further connections in our field and have some fun. Southern California in winter can be a blessing in any form, and I hear they have easy access to lemons…and tequila!

© 2021 Debra Snyder


Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, personal development teacher, and award-winning author of books for adults and kids. She holds a doctorate in metaphysical philosophy and empowers people to live their best lives through embracing their own unique challenges, opportunities, and blessings. Deb offers her heart-centered services in workshops and private sessions worldwide to individuals, businesses, and groups of all sizes. For more information, please visit the website:


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