The Mystic Bee Project

Deb Snyder's next book project is underway and YOU could take part!

The Flight of the Mystic Bee is the working title of Deb's next book. This research project and book will feature true stories and scientific evidence of energy communication. Deb will be interviewing people from across the world who have had profound experiences with intuition, ESP, after death communication, animal communication and more. This project will be open to anyone and everyone who has had direct experience with energy communication. Our goal is to educate, inspire and make accessible the power in energy communication for all.

If you're a Mystic Bee, share your story with us to help others!


Stay tuned for details on the many ways you can be included in our research, interviews and book. Volunteer participants in our project are never charged or paid a fee for their involvement. There will be opportunities for you to be featured in online interviews, articles and events surrounding the book's release. Join us for this exciting collaboration!  


If you are interested in taking part in The Mystic Bee Project,

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