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Here are some of our frequently asked questions...

I get that Deb is "Mystic Bee" there a Queen Bee?

The Queen Bee in the Hive at Mystic Bee is Spirit. The Divine Energy that connects us all. We are all equal coming together for the greater good.

Do all proceeds really go to charity?

Yes, all proceeds from The Hive at Mystic Bee are paid directly to The HeartGlow Center, a 501c3 nonprofit public charity. This is a personal choice for Deb's work to support a charitable cause. 

What are the membership discounts?
Bumble Bee Members (Free level) receive a 20% discount on online classes and events. Honey Bee Members ($50 one time donation) receive FREE live quarterly video chats and a 50% discount on online classes and events. 

Can I choose for my membership fee to go to a different charity?

No. Debra Snyder wishes The HeartGlow Center to benefit from this effort. Please visit their website at to learn why.

Is my Hive at Mystic Bee Membership tax deductible?

Yes. Donations to the charity are tax deductible. You should speak with your accountant or tax advisor to whether it is more appropriate to list as a donation or business expense in your individual situation. 

Is Deb doing any conferences or in-person events?

With Covid risks still very high, all of Deb's events are online. She has begun to schedule speaking events for late 2022, yet we'll need to monitor further as the Covid situation unfolds. 
Do you accept medical insurance for readings or membership fees?

No. We do not work with any insurance carriers directly. Some employers offer reimbursement for holistic health offerings. You would need to check directly with your own employer.   

What if I need help with submitting my business listing or article?

Simply email with any issues. We're happy to help.

Will Deb ever offer free readings?

Deb does group or gallery style readings at events and online. She is not offering private, individual readings at this time. She will be doing some free group readings for Mystic Bee Hive members during our Quarterly Live Video Group Chats. She also encourages other members who also read to occasionally offer their ability free to the hive members in our group chats. It is an excellent opportunity for development. We also offer "Ask Mystic Bee " where questions are asked on the website (full name withheld for privacy) and answered publically on the Mystic Bee Youtube Channel and Facebook group.

Are you personally endorsing every member of The Hive at Mystic Bee?

Simply put, no. The Hive at Mystic Bee is a collective of individuals coming together for growth, learning and positive exchange of ideas. It would be impossible for Deb to know everyone personally or endorse their work without direct knowledge of it. If she does personally recommend a book, practioner or service...she will share it. Be mindful in your interactions with others and do not assume because they are a member, you should be close friends. We are colleagues and conscious collaborators. Yes, it is possible to form new relationships, yet please use your own judgment and discernment in your interactions with others. Any member discovered to spam, bully, troll, stalk, creep, solicit money or take advantage of their membership to disadvantage another will be banned. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to report them to  

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