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"Dr. Deb Snyder provides wise guidance. Her poignant stories and practical advice are a must-read for anyone who desires a greater connection with those they love."
—Lynn A. Robinson, author of Divine Intuition and Listen

"Debra Snyder has harnessed her intuition and heart to become a conscious observer of the process of parenting in the newly emerging Intuition Age. I love this! It's about time parents began to understand the soul dynamics of their children, and how kids' energy patterns actually work. We need integrated children to be the leaders in the complex energy-based reality that's coming."
—Penney Peirce, author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way

"My first experience of Debra Snyder was meeting her in person. Her authentic, intuitive, expansive and compassionate self infuses her writing. The insights and honesty of Debra’s journey resonates throughout her books—there is wisdom here for all of us."
—Joyce Whitelely Hawkes, PhD, author of Cell-Level Healing






Deb Snyder is available for events and presentations worldwide in support of The HeartGlow Center, a 501c3 charitable organization she cofounded in 2012. Parties interested in planning an event may contact the charity for available dates and suggested donation rates for your personal, business, or charitable event.

FMI, Please visit the charity website at www.heartglow.org or email debra@heartglow.org 

For interviews, media and booking inquiries, please email debra@heartglow.org

Tel: 207-776-4811 | www.debsnyder.love

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